Lake Shore Middle School


During a recent visit to Lake Shore Middle School, we upgraded a set of interior windows dividing the hallway from a staff room. We used 70/30 perforated vinyl (one-way) on each window, creating one continuous design. This perforated material provides privacy on the hallway side and can be seen through by staff from the [...]

Lake Shore Middle School2020-02-10T09:21:56-06:00

Plainfield East Main Entrance


Plainfield East High School’s vision was to create a unique way to update their main entrance. To achieve this, we used a unique frosted vinyl, covering the entire surface within the frame of each of the 6 windows, each 72” wide, then removing the custom cut logos and text with a “relief” cut design. [...]

Plainfield East Main Entrance2020-01-30T13:56:46-06:00