File Uploader

The file uploader is intended for submitting individual or groups of files. This is the preferred method of transferring files to the lab for print.

After you enter the access code, as shown below, a blue shaded upload box will appear. Simply drag and drop your files into upload area (please upload your files once only, as multiple drag and drop of the same file will create duplicates). The upload process will begin automatically. You must upload files only, not folders.

You must email upon the completion of the upload, or your order will not be processed. Please include the following: (1) your full contact information including address and contact phone, (2) a listing of file name(s) and corresponding description of requested print size and paper type, (3) if we are to print direct or if you would like us to color balance your file(s), (4) if the order is for pick up or shipment and (5) any other information you feel would be necessary to process your order properly. You will receive an immediate acknowledgment of your email/order, and then a call for request for payment, prior to processing your order. If a corresponding email is not received within 5 days of an upload, files will be automatically deleted.

Please familiarize yourself with our pricing and product pages for important information and expectations for file balancing, cropping and sizing requirements, and more. Payment procedures can be found on our support page.

Submitting files to Advanced Imaging constitutes and agreement that you have read and understand all product price lists, descriptions and charges, that any services required and/or expected by you are clearly listed in the communication sent with the order(s), and that all files for print are owned by you and free and clear of any copyright infringements.

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