Digital Services

Advanced Imaging isn’t just beautiful prints and beautiful people (you know it’s true!). We also provide some great services that help you make the most out of your images.


All services include color balancing and high resolution files so you can immediately make use of your images.

Turnaround varies on an order by order basis.

***IMPORTANT*** Please make sure that any artwork or photography that you need reproduced is not covered by any copyright protection. As a lab we strongly believe in the artist or photographer’s right to determine usage of their work. We will ask whose work it is!

Please call for a quote! Note that pricing below is for one-off scanning and multiple scans will have deep discounting, depending upon the job as a whole.
Type of Scanning Number of Scans/Price  
Single ScanMultiple Scans receive a discount
Flat Scans up to 8"x12" print$30.00Call for details
Flat Scans up to 11"x14" print$40.00Call for details
Digital Copy Neg up to 32"x24" original$75.00Call for details
Digital Copy Neg larger than 32"x24" original$150.00Call for details

Retouching and Restoration

Retouching and Restoration services are $100.00 per hour. Files will be returned via email or DropBox.

(USB drives, used to save large number of files – $12, are available upon request)

Turnaround varies depending on the complexity of the order.

Retouching begins with a digital file and can include almost anything you can think of. Our most common retouching requests include removal of facial blemishes, skin softening, head swaps, eye swaps, stray hair removal, glasses glare removal, toning down of facial shine, and removal of unwanted objects or people.

Restoration begins with an old/damaged negative or print. We will never do work on the original piece. We will scan your source and apply the appropriate prices. Once we have a look at the digital file, we will call you with a restoration estimate. Please see the Color Corrected Prints prices for any photographic prints you require once the restoration is performed.