Mundelein Quad Doors


It is always wonderful when we are invited back to a school where we had previously installed graphics. We have had the pleasure of completing several projects for Mundelein High School. One of our favorites was their literary hallway, which gained a tremendous amount of attention. You can see that project by clicking here. [...]

Mundelein Quad Doors2020-04-08T11:15:23-05:00

Lockport Athletic Hallway


At one of our more recent projects, we were welcomed back to Lockport High School, and installed a large-scale wall mural, as “phase one”. This graphic spanned the entire wall, included 5 unique sections, measuring in overall a total of 103’ wide x 9’ tall. In addition to installing on the cinder block wall, [...]

Lockport Athletic Hallway2020-03-18T10:48:25-05:00

Plainfield North High School


We were thrilled to be invited back to Plainfield North High School. At this installation, we installed a stunning 19’ wide by 5’ tall mural above the main entry hallway. In addition, we took care of their two sets of quad doors, leading into the main gymnasium, with complimentary designs. A previously installed graphic [...]

Plainfield North High School2020-02-21T16:14:22-06:00

Lake Shore Middle School


During a recent visit to Lake Shore Middle School, we upgraded a set of interior windows dividing the hallway from a staff room. We used 70/30 perforated vinyl (one-way) on each window, creating one continuous design. This perforated material provides privacy on the hallway side and can be seen through by staff from the [...]

Lake Shore Middle School2020-02-10T09:21:56-06:00

Media Center


One of the first concepts we had the pleasure of installing at Plainfield East High School, was the undertaking of a challenging intersection in their main hallway. This 2nd story mural transformed a simple painted drywall into a work of art. With the graphic spanning the entire wall, measuring 78’ wide by 15’ tall, [...]

Media Center2020-01-29T11:55:48-06:00

Libertyville High School


Libertyville High School wanted to create a warm and inviting entrance for their students, staff and guests and we were thrilled to provide some sharp looking vinyl graphics to help them achieve this goal. For the exterior of their main entrance we installed 3’x 6’ frosted vinyl above each set of doors. High upon [...]

Libertyville High School2020-01-23T08:31:48-06:00

St. Charles East High School


A recent project of ours, located at St. Charles East High School, consisted of adding multiple custom graphics to the entire athletic wing. This included our 80/20 (one-way) perforated vinyl installed on the outside of 34 unique windows on their main entrance, a 21’ x 10’ full bleed mural, installed on an interior wall [...]

St. Charles East High School2020-01-16T14:10:19-06:00

Greendale Marching Band “The Road to Pasadena”


Since 2005, the Greendale High School Marching Band has been Wisconsin’s State Marching Band Champions. Just prior to this Fall season, we were asked to help with wrapping their 48’ trailer, along with 24, 10’ tall “throne” props for their performances in 2019-2020. This year, they were invited to participate in the 131st Rose [...]

Greendale Marching Band “The Road to Pasadena”2019-12-18T10:14:20-06:00

Academic Achievement Recognition Wall


What a great way Plainfield East High School wanted to recognize students’ academic achievements! We applied a custom, 90" diameter circle atop painted cinderblock and surrounded the laminated vinyl graphic by eighteen, 24”x15” custom acrylic plaques. Each frosted-backed plaque was laser etched with the student’s name, showcasing their achievement (including high and perfect ACT/SAT [...]

Academic Achievement Recognition Wall2019-11-19T15:25:11-06:00

Joliet West High School


We recently had the pleasure of installing graphics in the cafeteria at Joliet West High School. The intent of these graphics was not only to brighten up a mundane cafeteria but to also showcase school pride. This “picture mural” was initially envisioned to be a background for students to snap their photos in front [...]

Joliet West High School2019-11-05T15:12:34-06:00
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